Saturday, February 20, 2010

because it's been a while...

and i have nothing better to do in the hours when most people are sleeping, here are some new-ish pictures.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The year so far...

boy oh boy has it been a busy year! it's already august and so much has happened! what happened so far this year, boys and girls?

in march, i went to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a sinful city, full of debauchery and Europeans.

I got to a convention, where i saw all sorts of people that used to be famous!

I also saw Bruch Vilanche, who is notoriously hard to photograph in the wild. He's just too wily.

In june i bought a new car, which looks like this:

people seemed to like it, which looked like this:

In june, we also didn't play nearly enough hockey, which made us all look like this:

In June, i also went to a wedding!

Everyone got dressed up in their fanciest clothes.

The boys did...

...And the girls did too.

There was good food.

There was good drink.

A hershey kiss factory also blew up near us, but most people were not seriously injured, and the survivors got free chocolate!

The people also danced.

Look how they dance!

In July it was my Birthday!

Everyone was invited to a delicious barbecue! Yum!

We also saw fireworks! We sat under power lines and didn't even have any long-term health effects. Look how pretty the fireworks are!

Just a couple weeks later, i went to the county fair.

The weather was beautiful.

I saw cars hit each other.

I saw sleepy and dramatically lit sheep.

I saw the goats, and the goats saw me!

I also saw rabbits, but not the kind for touchin'!

In August, i went to a picnic.

People had lots of fun, and a few of them even had so much that they fell down, but nobody seemed to mind.

Later, there was a bonfire. It was also not for touching, just for looking.

Di was there too. She is photogenic in almost any lighting condition. See...

Jimmy was there too. Jimmy is blurry because he was excited about winning a pound of strawberry-flavoured malted milk balls. Good for you, Jimmy!

It looks like my camera and I have been to all kinds of places! I wonder where we'll go next...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

lunar eclipse; 2.20.08

the moon is exploding and i caught a glimpse of the mothership.
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

the look says it all

"please let me go home."

yeah, camping is a pretty good way of tricking ourselves into remembering how nice it is to sleep on a comfortable bed, or eat meals with a relative ease of preparation. knowing there's all that to come back to makes it pretty easy to glide through a weekend of charred turkey and cheese sandwiches and shoulder-deep patches of brambles. the experience makes itself worth it, however miserable or incredible it may be.
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more shit

these photos are complete proof of concept that if you try hard enough, you can basically make people hate you with just flashlights.
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oh man

whoever this guy is, that other guy should probably stop raping his wife. it just seems like the right thing to do.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

creepy crawlies

a recent trip to the half day forest preserve yielded al sorts of lifeforms. the dragonflies, butterflies and cicadas pictured of course were abundant, while there were also the occasional toad, turtle, fish, bird, and human. everything about the cicadas said, "ha ha! we're here to stay!", when what they really meant to say was more like, "see you in 17 years, assholes!"
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